Vaccination Status

Checking vaccination status along with asking other health-related questions is a key component for a comprehensive company wellness strategy. Understanding who in your organization has a COVID-19 vaccination can equip you with the knowledge you need to make important operational decisions. The vaccination status feature in our Health-Check Platform provides you with:

  • Customizable survey questions about vaccination
  • Pre-configured policies on vaccination mandates and information
  • Automated reminders/notifications for individuals’ vaccination deadlines
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Email templates
  • Reporting
Vaccination Verification
Employee Wellness Reports

Vaccination Intelligence

Whether you are mandating/encouraging vaccinations or just planning your response, this feature gives you the tools to manage confirmed vaccinations at your company, enabling you to adjust safety measures based on vaccination status.

Additionally, you can create custom communications and workflows based on your workforce model such as in-office/facility, at-home, and hybrid employees.

Leverage Data Without Compromising Privacy

Our Health-Check Platform with vaccination status gives you the ability to send secure health surveys to your employees. These automated questionnaires are built on our privacy-first platform to insulate you from sensitive employee health data allowing you to leverage health status data to:

  • Prevent/allow entry to your facilities
  • Provide relevant wellness information to employees
  • Gain insight into the overall health of your organization

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