Health-Check Platform

Health questionnaires can help you understand the health and wellness of your workforce.

Employee Wellness powered by Truyo

Our Health-Check Platform was designed for you to receive real-time insights into the health and wellness of your employees. 

  • Set-up simple or in-depth questionnaires pertaining to the physical and mental health of your employees 
  • Stay ahead of health trends within your organization and quickly address them if needed 
  • Build intelligent reports based on health data analytics
  • Easily integrate with existing HR systems and employee wellness applications 
  • Receive vaccination status from your employees
Health-Check on Phone and iPad

Customizable Options

No matter how your workforce model is set-up: work-from-home, in-office/facility, or a combination of both, it’s important to understand health-related information as you make important operational decisions.


Comprehensive Screenings

Comprehensive Screening

Our Health-Check Platform is part of an end-to-end management solution that enables businesses to customize in-depth questionnaires that only take a matter of seconds to complete.  

Health Data

Dynamic Reporting  

Stay ahead of health trends within the organization with access to detailed logs and at-a-glance trending analysis.

Health Data Security Controls

Proven Security & Data Privacy Controls 

High-risk data such as employee wellness checks are encrypted using encryption keys only you control and transmitted via mutual TLS. Easy compliance with applicable regulations such as the CCPA, GDPR, and other data/privacy laws.

Customizable Health Questions

Customizable Experience 

Access to our Health-Check Platform allows businesses to customize and set the thresholds, set up notifications, and assign user-based permissions to create a seamless employee wellness experience.  

Heath Check Management Integrations

Advanced Software Integrations

Integrate with HR systems, Payroll, BI tools and +100 enterprise applications.  

Ongoing Support

Expert Training & Support  

On-going training and support are available anytime with access to a dedicated account manager.


Yes, quickly log-in and configure any questions or temperature thresholds quickly.

Yes, our platform can integrate with HRIS systems, payroll, entryway, and security systems.

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During reopening activities, health questionnaires will be key in understanding the risk and safety of your workforce.

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