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IntraEdge announces partnership with Kinsa to mitigate COVID-19 spikes at businesses

Leveraging IntraEdge’s Health-Check Management Solutions and Kinsa’s smart thermometers, businesses can keep their employees safe while helping predict future outbreaks 


PHOENIX, January 13, 2020 – IntraEdge, the company behind Truyo Privacy Compliance and Health-Check Management Solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Kinsa to help employers keep employees safe both at home and in the office while strengthening the early warning system. 


The IntraEdge and Kinsa partnership meet the growing demand to monitor employee and public health across an increasingly distributed workforce. The partnership will enable businesses to outfit their remote, hybrid, or distributed employees with Kinsa’s smart thermometers alongside IntraEdge’s current Health-Check Management Solution which enables companies to manage vaccination and COVID-19 testing status, employee wellness questionnaires, and temperature checks through the QuikSense Pro thermal sensor hardware. 


“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Kinsa to mitigate the risk of the spread of coronavirus for companies and employees,” said Dan Clarke, President at IntraEdge. “On-site employee temperature checks are still important, but at-home temperature checks could make a drastic impact on your employee’s and our nation’s public health, avoiding unnecessary trips to the office for those with symptoms.” 


With the IntraEdge and Kinsa partnership, remote, hybrid or distributed workers will be able to take their temperature at home using the Kinsa smart thermometer which integrates with the Truyo Health-Check Management PlatformEmployers can also use this platform to manage and document vaccination status, COVID-19 tests, and wellness questionnaires along with on-site temperature checks for employees and visitors.  


Additionally, the anonymized temperature reading contributes to strengthening Kinsa’s early warning system for a contagious illness, the Kinsa HealthWeather MapHealthWeather is a public, countrywide map that tracks influenza-like illness at the county level, forecasts future outbreaks, and has been able to pinpoint coronavirus spikes on average 14 days before the first virus-related death.  


“With the IntraEdge partnership, we’re able to better predict the spread of coronavirus, and ultimately save more lives,” said Inder Singh, CEO at Kinsa. “We’re excited that this will enable more businesses to contribute to our real-time public health data, so we can all help keep our co-workers and country safe.” 


Through the IntraEdge and Kinsa partnership, businesses will be able to do their part for public health by managing temperature checks for remote, hybrid, and off-site employees and preventing the spread of an infectious disease by detecting the first sign of a threat before their workers leave their homes.  


About Kinsa  

Kinsa’s mission is to help individuals and communities stop the spread of contagious illness. To achieve this mission, Kinsa has built a communication network that connects more than 2 million households with a free app, email alerts, and the first device used when an illness is suspected — a thermometer. Kinsa studies the unique features of an illness and incorporates what’s circulating nearby to offer personalized guidance from symptom onset through recovery. By analyzing geographic illness trends, Kinsa quickly identifies at-risk areas and mobilizes the organizations that can help stop the spread. Learn more:  


About Truyo 

Truyo, an IntraEdge company, powered by Intel®, offers customers true consent and data privacy rights management automation. Specializing in privacy UX, Truyo has a nuanced understanding and a depth of experience in the operational delivery of privacy rights management creating better privacy rights and consent management experiences for users and companies. Through its Truyo Privacy Platform and Health-Check Management Solutions, Truyo enables global organizations to manage complex compliance requirements, minimize risk, and deliver fast ROI. 


About IntraEdge 

IntraEdge is a large technology talent, products, services, and training organization that functions with the agility of a significantly smaller firm. We provide our clients with the resources and expertise to enhance business performance through technology. We give our people the opportunity to grow in their fields, with the freedom to excel. 

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