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Health-Check Management powered by Truyo Launches Employee Wellness

IntraEdge introduces Employee Wellness powered by Truyo, an expansion of its Health-Check Management Solutions to enable employers with remote, in-office, decentralized, and hybrid workforces the ability to manage employee health and wellness checks in one secure platform with Truyo’s Health-Check Management Platform.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, businesses need a comprehensive solution to ensure their hybrid workforces’ health and safety. The solution can easily adapt as plans to increase the percentage of the workforce onsite evolve in the future. For now, the reality is that most are in a hybrid scenario.

Employee Wellness on Phone and iPad

The Health-Check Management Solution is customizable to an employer’s needs, as it integrates with existing contactless, temperature-check hardware Janus and QuikSense. At a set time each day, employees receive an email to a unique and secure web link with custom questions providing employers with real-time insights into their employees’ health and wellness with Employee Wellness. These questions are tailored to each organization and could include, but are not limited to, temperature checks, recent travel, COVID-19 exposure, existing symptoms, mental health, etc.


Employee Wellness can integrate with HRIS systems, so employers can set up conditions where a specific response can trigger a follow-up with a teledoc option.

Employee Wellness powered by Truyo

This expansion to Truyo’s Health-Check Management Solutions allows organizations with any combination of in-office, remote and decentralized employers to stay ahead of health trends while tracking and managing their health and wellness with one-privacy focused system. Click here to learn more about protecting your workforce with a comprehensive employee wellness solution.

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