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California Employers Should Be Aware Of New COVID-19 Regulation

On December 1, 2020, Cal/OSHA announced the Emergency Regulations that require all California employers to protect their workers from hazards associated with COVID-19. These emergency standards become effective immediately, following the Office of Administrator Law’s approval, which affects an organization’s COVID-19 health management policies in the workplace.  

Even if employers have implemented a health management solution, it’s strongly recommended they review the new requirements to ensure they are taking proper compliance measures in their COVID-19 plan to comply with these changes. Cal/OSHA has issued COVID-19 Emergency Standards FAQ and a full review of the Emergency Regulations to help California employers —with the exception of places where one employee has no contact with other employees, remote employees, and those covered by Aerosol Transmissible Diseases—comply with the new Regulations.  

Top 3 Requirements that Will Affect Your Existing COVID-19 Prevention Program  

  1. Employers must maintain a written COVID-19 Training Program and maintain a written Prevention Program, including detailed requirements that an employer must incorporate into its existing Illness and Injury Prevention Program.  
  2. An emergency section was implemented in the event of multiple COVID-19 infections and/or outbreaks in the workplace. If employers have been identified by their local health department as a location of a COVID-19 outbreak or have had more than three COVID-19 cases reported within a 14-day period, they must provide:  
    1. No cost COVID-19 testing to exposed employees who were exposed 
    2. Exclude COVID-19 infected employees from work  
    3. Investigate and determine workplace-related factors that have contributed to COVID-19 infections  
    4. Review COVID-19 policies and procedures and implement changes to prevent further spread in the workplace  
    5. Must notify the local health department in the event of COVID-19 infection 
  3. Additional requirements are mandated for employers who provide housing for employees. These include:  
    1. Prioritizing housing assignments  
    2. Implement physical distancing requirements  
    3. Require face coverings 
    4. Procedures for cleaning and disinfecting  
    5. Symptom screening procedures such as health surveys and temperature screening  
    6. COVID-19 test requirements  
    7. Isolation requirements  


Organizations faced with multiple COVID-19 infections or outbreaks in the workplace must notify public departments, ultimately affecting its current recordkeeping and reporting policies. Employers should review their recent reporting, recordkeeping, and access plan for COVID-19 cases and make the appropriate change to prevent Cal/OSHA violations. Truyo’s Health-Check Management is a scalable and secure health-check solution that allows employers to effectively screen employees for elevated temperatures and deploys a health survey before they enter the workplace to protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19 furtherHealth-Check Managements real-time reporting and recordkeeping enables an organization to monitor and make data-driven decisions required by the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Regulations.   

We will keep you posted on any new changes in COVID-19 related regulations that affect employees and consumers.  

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