Health-Check Management Solutions

With Health-Check Management you’re deploying a market-leading solution to collect health data securely or measure temperatures safely. Explore our options to help lower the risk of COVID-19 and other illnesses in your workplace or gain valuable health data insights of your workforce.

  • Prevent/Allow entry to your facilities
  • Provide relevant wellness information to employees
  • Gain insight into the overall health of your organization
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Health-Check Management, powered by Truyo, can help you get back-to-business or stay open safely using software solutions. Our technology includes health questionnaires that can integrate with company record management systems.
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Temperature-Checking Kiosk

janus is an enterprise-grade kiosk using thermal scanning for a contactless experience. Mix and match your solution with a thermal camera or wrist sensor.


Temperature-Checking Sensor

QuikSense Pro is an all-in-one device giving you the ability to read temperatures to maintain a contactless experience.

QuikSense Pro Temperature Screening

Vaccination & COVID-19 Test Tracking

Vaccination Verification

Receive real-time insights into the health status of your employees by issuing health questionnaires through our automated platform.

  • Set-up simple or in-depth questionnaires pertaining to the physical and mental health of your employees 
  • Understand vaccination and COVID-19 testing statuses of your employees
  • Stay ahead of health trends within your organization and quickly address them if needed 
  • Build intelligent reports based on health data analytics

Our Advantages

Robust Reporting

Back-end System Integration

(Ex. KRONOS, ADP, Azure Active Directory, WorkDay, S2 Security, OpenPath, Brivo)

Health Data Security Controls

Privacy and
Security by Design

Customizable Health Questions

Configurable UX

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Our Solutions

Health-Check Management, powered by truyo, can help you get back-to-business with multiple state-of-the-art temperature scanning solutions to choose from. Our solutions include body temperature measurement and health questions that can integrate with multiple backend systems to check-in employees or consumers. The combination of these strategies can help ensure a healthy population in your facilities.

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